Welcome to the world of K&A Custom Painting!

We are a quality painting contractor located in beautiful Seattle, Washington.  K & A Custom Painting specializes in lifetime quality paint finishes. Whether you are trying to keep the elements out or saving an architectural gem, or even just looking to personalize your home with color and texture; K & A Custom Painting can fill all of your needs. We believe in the philosophy that professional painting is an artisan trade, one that requires passion, technique and skill. We have spent the last 20 years honing our skills to be able to provide the best-quality finishes that are appropriate to your home and lifestyle.  We are committed to ensuring the life of your home, and thus we are committed to you and your family.

Residential painting needs will typically fall into three categories: Restoration, Renovation and Maintenance.

Restoration is the act of returning a building to an earlier or better condition. It is a laborious process that will differ with each home. Many homes have beautiful architectural features and functioning components that have suffered under bad layers and neglect…. (read more)

Renovation is any work that improves an intact but tired finish. Even the best finish will erode or become dated. A new look can revive your home, even make you feel like you have a new house altogether… (read more)

Maintenance is critical to preventing failure of your finishes, both structurally and esthetically. Proper cleaning and recoating fall into this category… (read more)

A home is a dynamic physical structure that cradles and protects us. We can hope that this home will outlast us, but to do that we need to protect the house.  The needs are constant, the elements battle against the exterior skin of the home, the critters battle to get in. Inside the home are myriad details that need attention.  In older homes, you likely have a house that has hundreds of little gaps, seams, cracks due mostly to the fact that your house was built before many of our modern techniques for finishing were invented. In some newer homes, you may find that the finishes have eroded due to improper technique in the initial construction.

Regardless of the age of your home, you will want to keep it in the best condition to last. This absolutely begins with the right finish. You will want the best product that is appropriate, but the proper techniques for application mean the difference between a paint finish that will wear out in a couple of years and have to be completely refinished and a finish that will last for many years and require minimal but diligent maintainence.

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